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Dan Ferrone is the "Right Fit" for Oakville YMCA

Oakville citizens have expressed their shock, anger and disbelief, with the YMCA Board’s claim, that new CEO Dan Ferrone was not the “right fit”.

Despite his success both in the sports and business world, Ferrone always found time to give back to his community, acting as the face and voice for many local charities.
The YMCA’s press release in May stated: “Dan’s diverse business successes reflect his energetic and passionate entrepreneurial spirit. Ferrone possesses significant leadership and management experience with start-up businesses and other enterprises, including those in the health and fitness field and in a government-regulated industry. He has also gained hands-on knowledge in managing diverse and multifaceted organizations at a national level, which will make him an exceptional individual to lead the Oakville YMCA into the future.”



We, the undersigned, disagree with the Board of the Oakville YMCA‘s recent termination of Dan Ferrone’s six week tenure as CEO.
We believe that Dan Ferrone is, the “Right Fit” as CEO of the Oakville YMCA

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